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The Alzheimer’s Workshop is an interactive, easy to use, well organized guide designed specifically for home/ family caregivers.  The Workshop is a web site that provides instant help and problem solving strategies as well as long term tracking and measurement of the disease’s progress.  In addition it will  provide the caregiving community with an evolving and ever more refined picture of how to others are managing as well.

The Alzheimer’s Workshop is based on the classic five domain model of holistic health: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual which is one of the foundations of person-centered care.

The discussion and problem solving strategies are presented as clear concise practical suggestions for actions designed to elicit beneficial behavioral outcomes.

The Alzheimer’s Workbook is a serious and invaluable tool for first time caregivers and a handy reference guide for experienced caregivers.

We are currently doing some further evolution and testing of the Alzheimersworkshop website.   We are excited by the possibiliteies of this tool and believe with will fill a gap in providing much needed relief to the family caregiver community.


If you are intersted in learning more about this program, email us at

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